The host faculty members include representatives from the three co-sponsoring institutions and those who have been organizing the Summer School over the years.  Host faculty at this year’s summer school include Ezra Zuckerman Sivan, Emilio J. Castilla, and Roberto Fernandez (MIT), Simone Ferriani and Gianni Lorenzoni (Bologna), Rodolphe Durand (HEC Paris), Gino Cattani (NYU).
In addition to the host faculty, the Summer School will bring together guest faculty who consist of leading strategy, organizations, sociology, and social psychology scholars. The five days of the Summer School will be tentatively organized as follows:

     Day 1, June 11: Lead faculty:          Johanna Mair, Hertie School of                                                                                               Governance & Stanford University
     Day 2, June 12: Lead faculty:          Brian Rubineau, McGill University
     Day 3, June 13: Lead faculty:          Ezra Zuckerman Sivan, MIT Sloan
                         Keynote speech:          Harry Collins, Cardiff University
     Day 4, June 14: Lead faculty:          Brayden King, Kellogg School of Management
     Day 5, June 15: Lead faculty:          Jennifer Howard-Grenville, University of Cambridge

Each faculty member will be in residence at the School for several days, allowing ample time for one-to-one sessions, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities.

A typical day will feature a guest faculty member presenting on their research, an integrative session led by a host faculty member that explores links among the guest faculty research, and a workshop in which the host and guest faculty work with students to flesh out their own ideas, both theoretically and empirically.

Overall, students will advance in their own research via:

  • Exposure to the cutting edge of research in this area
  • Open discussion of key research challenges experienced by the faculty in their own research
  • Direct feedback on how to tackle complex questions of both theory and empirics